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We Want to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

We provide a platform to connect you seamlessly with the right nutritionist, all on your smartphone via video chat. We make booking and tracking your appointments super easy using our app. Say goodbye to paper form filling!


Schedule 1-on-1 consultation 7 days a week


Significantly reduce form filling and save time 


Speak with a qualified nutritionist on your phone


Receive personalised health plans on your App

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Corporate Partners

Biomo enables employees to talk to a registered dietitian by video or audio for help with staying healthy, eating right, or managing a health condition like diabetes, all on their smartphone. Biomo identifies health risks early and helps employees make long-lasting changes to their health, and provide businesses with the data they need to target effective wellness strategies.

Healthy Employees are Good for Business


Increased Employee Engagement

Employees with high-wellbeing are 35% more engaged in their work. 


Reduced Sick Days and Absenteeism

Absenteeism is 27% lower for workers who eat healthily and regularly exercise


Improved Workplace Productivity

Employees who eat healthily are 25% more likely to have higher job performance


Retain Staff for Longer and Keep Them Happier

Employees who feel cared for are 27% more likely to stay with an employer

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